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Hi everyone! When asked to start this blog I had my reservations...My life is slightly crazy..... No REALLY crazy. Why on earth would I want people to see and hear about it.  If you don't know me I am a mother of four young busy children, a business owner, a friend, daughter, sister and so on. My life is a blur most the time but hey who's isn't. I figure if this blog inspires you or makes you laugh in some small way... mission accomplished. Along with the many hats that I wear I also have a few passions. I love my animals, I love my home, and I love to decorate and flex my creative muscles. That is wear Four Honey Bees Cottage comes into play. My store is truly an extension of myself. I want clients to come and shop, relax and enjoy every moment they walk thru our farmhouse. I love what I do and I hope that shines . I feel our store is a unique place to come and visit. The new web site will have some of our best sellers all at your finger tips and I hope that makes life easier for those who are busy or live far from us. So here we go...a glimpse into my crazy and creative world. Buckle up....You're in for a ride!  Oh, and one more thing...Thank you!!!. I am really grateful that you take the time out of your day to find me interesting enough to follow this blog.  

Only Good Things, 

Anne Marie